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Secure your blockchain applications with Anonybit.

Whether you maintain a crypto wallet, NFT platform or cold data storage service, you probably already acknowledge the importance of splitting and distributing keys to avoid a single point of failure when handling your users’ sensitive data. Now, extend that to biometrics and ensure that people really are who they claim to be when they access their accounts.

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Decentralized authentication: 

Connect your IDV solution to our decentralized authentication solution for secure account access and account recovery. Reduce the threat of hackers impersonating users with stolen credentials and eliminate lengthy processes to complete large transactions and trades. 

Anonybit’s complete passwordless authentication solution includes:

  1. Liveness detection
  2. Decentralized biometrics storage and matching
  3. Low-code integration to orchestration platforms

With Anonybit, enable strong identity assurance for your blockchain applications with the highest levels of data protection.

Digital asset vault:

Eliminate one of the biggest pain points with blockchain applications - where to store the private key. Protect and assign digital assets regardless of device and ensure that assets are never lost or and can always be recovered.

Anonybit’s digital asset vault includes:

  • Decentralized storage for private keys, crypto assets, and other digital assets
  • Passwordless authentication
  • Mobile and website support

With Anonybit, digital assets are protected, identity is assured, privacy is preserved.

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