Data protection and privacy concerns affect everyone.

Anonybit answers the call.

Strong Authentication

Fintech, Data Storage Providers, VPN/Password Managers

Whether you maintain a crypto wallet, password management or data storage service, you probably already acknowledge the importance of splitting and distributing keys to avoid a single point of failure when handling your users’ sensitive data. Now, extend that to authentication and ensure that people really are who they claim to be when they access their accounts.

Fintech, Data Storage Providers, VPN/Password Managers

Reduced Burden of Regulatory Compliance

Banking and Other Enterprises

Current GDPR and KYC regulations have imposed a significant burden for compliance and maintaining a system of record on accountholders is fraught with new data protection risks and challenges. The resulting PII is highly sensitive yet critical to onboard new users and authenticate access into accounts. Anonybit eases the burden by storing KYC data safely through its decentralized infrastructure and allows access through strong biometric authentication. There is no third-party ownership of the data and users alone can select which service and when they want their biometrics to be used.

Banking and Other Enterprises

Privacy by design


The call for decentralized storage of citizenry data is growing louder as governments too, are prone to data breaches and hack, yet requires the integrity of its systems in order to deliver services, collect taxes and manage administrative tasks. Anonybit’s infrastructure easily integrates with ID systems and acts as the backbone to biometric solutions for online and offline authentication.


If you collect it, anonymize it.

For enterprises

- True privacy by design minimizes data protection issues

- Out of the box regulatory compliance and limited exposure to the risks associated with managing PII

- Ensure strong authentication even when a user presents with a new device or in a new application

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For consumers

-   Can use any personal or public/shared device or kiosk to authenticate without re-enrolling

- Reduced risk of impersonation by a hacker who uses stolen PII or easily-guessed passwords

- Maintain full control of your data usage in accordance with data protection regulations

Get under the hood

With the ability to support multiple use cases across the entire digital lifecycle, from KYC, to strong authentication, password/key retrieval and other MPC services, Anonybit's decentralized biometrics infrastructure reduces the burden of regulatory compliance and increases consumer trust in how their personal data is handled.

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