We have always identified ourselves in return for trust and convenience with others.

Yet sharing our data in a digital age is a game we’re still getting used to. And in the race of hackers versus traditional cybersecurity, hackers are winning: every day a new breach, leak, or hack. You see, it’s not the 99.9% of attacks which fail that make us worry. It’s the 0.1% that succeed.

At Anonybit, we believe it’s time to re-think how we protect our personal identity online.

Instead of building bigger walls around our information, we asked ourselves: what if there was nothing to find?

Our solution is surprisingly simple: we distribute your identity in a vast peer-to- peer network in little anonymous bits, completely removing the need to deal with increasingly complex security systems. You, and you alone, are the match for the data that’s dispersed out there.
Easy, right?

Anonybit is built by leading identification technology experts. We got tired of using our professional experience to keep chasing hackers, and instead we did something about it by inventing a solution that removes worry - once and for all.

Now, we are sharing our promise with everyone who wants a fast and accurate biometric identification platform – without having their identity stolen, ever:

No worries? Anonybit!